Heralds of the Sword

Influenced by a desire to craft a unique sound in the California Metal Scene, Heralds of the Sword creates Fantasy Power Metal full of energy and theatrics. Challenged by becoming the difference in a flooded market these Heralds take pride in their design down to the finest detail. From presence to costuming, theatrics to song writing, a self crafted land of fantastical creatures, dragons, magic and nobility are part of the experience that make you remember the Heralds of the Sword, welcome to Tyrinthia!

Melodic and multi-layered vocal harmonies shape the driving force of these powerful Heralds as their singer, Warlord Khadgar, commands the presence of his audience to heed the cry of battle. Even as these war cries echo their concert halls the formation of a solid group of musicians with diverse experience secure the foundation of their music. Torvak carves a steady flow of gripping rhythms that further advances the true groundwork of all that is Power Metal while Fedelis enters often as a guaranteed force of demanding and precise guitar solos. Saelion secures an orchestrated energy behind the Keys bringing required Fantasy aspects to their genre. Vincenzo augments the low end with authority along with Lerador designing fierce beats that grasp the listening sense of the entire audience. Together as a modern driving force in Power Metal, the Heralds of the Sword bring exceptional entertainment to this world from a world of their own; for Tyrinthia! [+]
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