HO Sports Proton Kneeboard 2016

If you're looking for that super shred-tastic board that gives you it all regardless of your skill level then you'll want to get on the HO Sports Proton Kneeboard. It's just built with awesomeness. The Thin Profile of the board with a continuous rocker is what gives you that great shredding experience. The Dual Opt Fin System gives you the option of a fin for a looser feel. The Proton consists of a High Performance Twin Tip Design and Hard Rails for that deeper edge hold and Deep Tracking Channels are there to provide you with stable landings. When you land, you'll land softly thanks to the Dual Density Knee Pad. Lock yourself into the HO Sports Proton Kneeboard with the PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap and you'll be shredding like a champ in no time. [+]