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Holy Brew Brewing Company

The inner battle of good and evil was never more apparent than when one takes that first cleansing sip of HolyBrew. While your "good" nature will definitely be aroused by this cool, spirit-raising refreshment, your inner evil will soon begin to feel less inhibited, allowing initial laughter and fun to soon require an internal battle of self-restraint. History - Since the dawn of mankind, we have struggled with the battle of good and evil. To drown in guilt or sorrow is unhealthy and seen by some as wasted emotions. In opposition, to live our lives completely without impure influence and to be seen by all as “up-tight” without the ability to cut loose on occasion is viewed in equally a negative fashion. Until now, there has never been a respectable or enjoyable solution to this life long struggle. HolyBrew is a positive channel for cleansing one’s mind, body and spirit of unwanted or unnecessary guilt, doubt or unhappiness. Through a recently discovered magical formula, believed to be created from the gods themselves, HolyBrew has formulated the “Liquid Confession”. What better way to cleanse one’s soul than to partake of this succulent brew, confess one’s sins and erroneous ways and let the weight of their guilt be lifted and their thirst quenched simultaneously. Join the movement in guilt-free pleasure and refreshment. Have your liquid confession today and enjoy life to its fullest. [+]