Hot Chillys La Montana Kids Long Underwear Bottoms have all the technical and comfort features of the adult version all packed into kids size. Your kids will stay warm and comfy in these polyester microfiber fleece soft bottoms. These mountain-weight base layers prepare your little ones to withstand the cold weather conditions as they head off to the slopes to challenge their skills. Hot Chillys has added additional chamois panels in key areas of the La Montana Bottoms to provide extra warmth and breathability. These chamois panels provide extra range of motion that flow with their every move, so that your little one can easily maneuver into their next trick, all that without any bulky feeling. The moisture-wicking fabrics keep your little one dry and warm as the snow falls during their long day of activity on the mountain. When it's time to wind down, pair the top and bottom of The La Montana Kids Long Underwear to make comfy lounge wear as they chill for the time being. [+]