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Hotronic Footwarmer S3 Custom 2016

The Hotronic Footwarmer S3 Custom set has everything you need to keep your toes warm and toasty on cold days. The new design of the system has included two Battery Packs, one Charger, two Heating Elements and a set of one size fits all Cambrelle Covers and Strips. The Cambrelle Cover works with any type of insole, custom, stock, or pre molded. The S3 has three batteries in each rechargeable pack, which is very compact, but powerful. The Hotronic S3 Series Battery Pack uses three base settings for heat, and the highest setting is on a timer to prevent draining the battery or overheating your feet. The S3 utilizes a NiMH AA battery that has a high capacity cold temperature operation. These NiMH battery cells do not have a memory effect that has plagued boot heating systems for years, and does not need to be fully drained before being recharged. The Heating Elements and Cammy Covers can easily be installed onto any type of footbed whether it is custom, pre-molded, or stock. [+]