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Hurricane Skimmer 140 Sit On Top Kayak

The Hurrican Skimmer 140 Sit On Top Kayak is among one of the newest models on the market, yet another great option to your kayaking enjoyment. This series was designed by Ward Setzer and his renowned yacht architect firm Setzer Designs, this full featured sea worthy design will take the angler and recreational paddler to new level and adventure. Having graceful lines - you get a distinctive ride with an exquisite balance of performance that offers pleasure to behold on the water. The Skimmer 140's touring style hull and Trylon construction allow it to easily outpace other kayaks in its class, and its low seat-pan and comfortable outfitting make you feel totally connected with the boat. Fully featured from bow to stern with 3 generous hatches providing you with much wanted and needed storage for serious paddling, and anglers will be overwhelmed by the outfitting opportunities in this lightweight kayak. [+]