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Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard 2016

When you want to soar off the wake or carve deep on those long turns you'll want to ride LaRiches Signature Model - the Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard. Built for a wide range of skill levels, anyone will feel at home when they're riding the Franchise. The Franchise has an innovative shape with a continuous rocker that allows you to really carve edge-to-edge while you're at speed. The continuous rocker will give you that predictability when you pop off the wake so you know what tricks you can pull off mid-air. The Tapered Channels and Dual Fin Configuration offers great board edge as you head to the wake and its thinner profile minimizes swing weight for simple rotation and inverted spins. Built with a Sintered Enduro Base, you'll have a durable board built to handle anything you throw its way. Riding on the Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard is an incredible experience and an unforgettable ride. From your first trip around the lake, you'll never want to ride on anything else. [+]