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Ice Cold Emo

i have been able to update the official press kit for you, & nearly all of the info included should reflect that.

Plz click here to view EPK --->>>

The current single we are pushing is Ghost Town DJz! Produced by NyghtRyder of FDU, (Hot 107.9's Stuey Rock's label imprint) it brings back a nostalgic feel on mid-90s ATL bass movement attracting listeners from their late teens, to mid 40s! c'mon now-- er'body remembers da lyric, "boy u should knowwwww that...." & although this no sample, it is inspired by that time in hip-hop! 

*average draw is 25-50, a number which grows every time we hit a venue, then come back! 

*all music is copyrighted, registered & mixed/mastered.

i have informed my team of the groundwork ahead of us & we all are up for the challenge, thank you for allowing Ice Cold Emo of Strong Money Recordingz to tap into your market! lookn forward to packing out your venues in future dates to come!