Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is an Indian blogger and founder of Alltechbuzz.NET.

Early life and Education

Imran Uddin was born in a small village of Andhra Pradesh on September 15, 1993. After completing his primary education in a Telugu medium government-run school at Nadigudem, Imran and his family moved to Suryapet, where he was raised in a lower middle class family, where he had to supply milks and sell fried chips to continue his education in school. When he was in 8th standard, he moved to Hyderabad for better education. He was admitted at Siddharth High School, where he became one of the topper of the class in 10th standard. He completed his higher secodnary education at Narayana Junior College and got admitted in Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology to study Mechanical engineering.[6]

Internet endeavor

During college life Imran got exposure to the online world and started blogging. After few failed attempts, he founded, a technology related blog, from where he started making money. He also started a company with his friends called All Tech Media Private Limited after getting rejected for placement by Google. The company partnership did not ended up well for his disputes with his partners, who were asked to quit. His partners decided to quit and demanded for huge compensation, for which Imran had to take bank loan to run the company. All Tech Media Private Limited now offers Web Development, Blogging and Search Engine Optimization related services and is functional with new employees.[6]