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I go by the name "Infinite Quest", a.k.a. "IQ". I'm born and raised in New Jersey. I was always curious about music ever since I was born. I started out DJing at age 7 and took off from there. I can remember the time when I first started out DJing. I only had one turntable in my room with a tape deck attached to the module - yea, this was definitely "Throw back". In the beginning, I started out mixing and creating mix tapes for local friends of mine, but I was so eager to learn more that my pops went out and bought me the legendary Technique 1200 Plus A-Mixer, a couple recordz, and a microphone. I began learning the basics and how to create new techniques and how to know what sounds good and what doesn't. My mind started to open up to a wide variety of genres and to take action into my music by becoming a consour to many of the records that I own . First machine that was introduced to me was an MPC 60!! Yessir, an MPC 60! It was old school man so fly, it took my soul beyond levels! Everyday I spent sampling records and searching to find a dope sample to cut up and create and paint that pic. I was a fast learner - that's where I get the name "IQ," but later on down my career I changed it to "Infinite Quest" cause I felt like I'm always and forever searching for something new to bring to this music world. Later on in life I was introduced to all kinds of instruments and devices, but my favorite was a grand piano. Since then, I've been playing and composing music for bands and upcoming artists and have also worked on my solo project entitled "To The Moon & Back" which features local artists with whom I've been working with for years. To sum up everything, music is my life and my #1 love and I couldn't ask for anything better.

As always, keep on "Rocking in the free world " - InfinteQuest [+]