INGRID is a Swedish artist collective and record label founded in 2012. They released their first compilation on Record Store Day 2012. The collective's musical work is notable for containing multiple side-projects by its members that do not adhere to the line-ups of their primary ventures; for example, Björn Yttling has a track entitled 'Cuban Lips' under the stage name Yttling Jazz on the INGRID Volym 1 compilation; however, he is also featured as a member of the band Smile along with Teddybears member Joakim Åhlund. All of the bands featured on the compilation are either of this nature or are solo works.


INGRID was founded by thirteen artists and musicians, all Scandinavian or American in origin; the founding members are as follow:

Label manager

Niklas Hallberg, since March 2013.






  • Amason - Sky City (Album)
  • Amason - Kelly (Singe)
  • Dolores Haze - I Got My Gun (Single)
  • Tussilago - My Own Dear (Single)
  • INGRID - Volym 2 (Album)
  • Tussilago - Holy Train (Album)
  • Amason - Yellow Moon (Single)
  • Chris Olsson - Thin Love (Single)
  • Hortlax Cobra - I'm Still Here / Night Still Young (Single)
  • Astropol - The Sound Of A Heart That Breaks (Single)
  • Xander Duell - Wade Laiste (Album)
  • Amason - Spotify Sessions (Album)
  • Astropol - Just Before Our Love Got Lost (Single)
  • Vulkano - Smiley Faces (Single)
  • Vulkano - Iridescence (Album)



  • INGRID had their premier as a live act when they played at the Swedish music festival Way Out West in the summer of 2012. During that performance all of the founding members participated and the concert's special guest was the Swedish musician José González. This concert took place at Trädgården in Gothenburg.
  • The second time INGRID went live was at Roskildefestivalen during the summer of 2013 where they played with Chrissie Hynde and the Swedish musician Tallest Man on Earth. During this concert the two founding members Jocke Åhlund and Coco Morier could not participate.
  • INGRID Disco was a new constellation that the collective introduced at Way Out West the summer of 2013 when they played at Gothenburg Film Studios among a lot of established musicians such as Disclosure, Markus Krunegård, INGRID-signed Tussilago and Amason and Zilverzurfarn.

INGRID studios and HQ

INGRID as a record label has two different studios - INGRID and Spegeln. The two studios are owned by Björn Yttling, Nille Perned and Pontus Winnberg.

  • Ingrid is located in the former studio KMH/Polarstudion at Södermalm. This studio is the bigger one of the two and it usually here where most of the recordings take place. They share the foyer with the café Mellqvist.
  • Spegeln is a combination of the HQ as well as a smaller studio, often used for both rehearsal time as well as recording. Spegeln is also located Södermalm.