IN SEPIA is a melodic hard rock band, originating from Los Angeles California. The sound of the music, which was first created in the humble beginnings of a Compton CA backyard, is at once haunting and opulent. Receiving rave reviews from new listeners and even local neighbors alike, the band creates songs with vast complexity and odd time signatures while yet balancing the heavier passages with melodic, soothing vocal lines, delicate guitars, all the while enjoying a taste for the theatric. Inspirations range from Tool and Deftones, to Sade and Fiona Apple, to film scores and Afro-Spanish music, to Death metal and Hip Hop. In addition to their explosive live performances, In Sepia is without doubt reflective of its members' diverse creative and multi-cultural backgrounds which include theatre directing and performance, music conservatories, to visual art and graphic design. The band consists of lead vocalist Xiomara Cornejo, who is ever-present and powerful. Her anguished vocalizations put a voice on the different emotional states of the psyche, physical senses, and spiritual thought found within each song. Ranging from tender and delicate melodies to gut-wrenching howls and screams. Co-founder Stephen Walters is a powerful and moving beast-machine on drums. His polyrhythmic like beats are unique in that they follow the guitar lines and break from the usual role of the drums keeping a passion for tightness and looseness to exist as one. Peter Kelly's moving guitar riffs are heavy and colorful, busy and precise but absolutely massive even when playing simpler lines while still appreciating groove and overall flow.