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Insult To Injury

Originally forming as I, Creator back in January 2012, as a super group of the most valuable members from former Pittsburgh local bands, the Pittsburgh metalcore outfit has quickly risen up the ranks in their state. After only ten months as a band I, Creator had already attracted the interest of Voices & Vessels’ guitarist Cody Cavanaugh and Fort Charter Records. On November 23rd, 2012 the band announced that they would be changing their name to Insult To Injury, adding Cody Cavanaugh on guitars, signing with Fort Charter Records, and releasing their debut on January 15th, 2013. Their debut, Dead Weight, features pummeling breakdowns, technical guitar runs and leads, and mincing vocals. While Dead Weight was originally expected to be released on Fort Charter Records, the label was bought by JRS Solutions/One Day Savior Records and Insult To Injury was left to self-release the EP. Since the release, the band has seen a couple of member changes, but has kept the core of Geremy Andreaco (Vocals), Cody Cavanaugh (Guitar), Marc Liscio (Guitar), and Charlie Strauser (Bass). The band is now touring and recording throughout the spring and summer in hopes to have a new release later this year.


''Dead Weight'' EP (Independent 01.15.2013) : [+]