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Intergalactic Peace Jelly

It’s difficult to pin a label on Intergalactic Peace Jelly. The group dances with genres that range from funk rock to jazz, folk, and sometimes even electronic; never settling in one area for longer than their fleeting attention spans will allow. Any style is fair game, and they prefer not to play anything the same way twice, yet their catchy melodies and memorable lyrics quickly grow familiar enough to sing along.

Originally formed in Boulder, CO as a non-serious acoustic project between a handful of neighbors, an early incarnation of Intergalactic Peace Jelly gathered in late 2012 to write and record two original tunes (“Long Distance Paranoid Blues,” “Bird”) with three guitars, three voices, and a beat kept by a single djembe. Pleasantly surprised with the results of the recordings and the size of sound they were able to achieve with such limited instrumentation, “IPJ” decided to keep working on the project. In 2014, they played a few shows in the Denver area and recorded one more song (“Study Drugs”), this time with the addition of bass guitar and synthesizer. Though the band was once again satisfied with the results, it became clear that they had grown beyond their acoustic roots. It was time to enlist a drummer.

In January, 2015, the new Intergalactic Peace Jelly made their debut at Club 156 in Boulder with a seamless forty minute set of original tunes--including a 10-minute exploratory interpretation of the once acoustic “Bird”--anchored by a wildly energetic take on the Grateful Dead classic, “I Know You Rider.” They came strong out of the gate, and have been busy ever since. With the finally-solidified lineup of JD Rodgers, Evan DePuy, Andrew Schuster, Gordon Lindley, and Max Gilbraith, the band expects to release their debut EP August 29, 2015. ‘Til then, keep an ear open for any shows in your area. [+]