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Isaiah Dominguez

With an iPhone full of audio memos, a new mentality, and a different city of unfamiliar views, Seattle-based singer/songwriter Isaiah Dominguez returns with a batch of his most honest and thoughtful songs to date.
Dominguez has been adamant about representing his hometown of Olympia, no matter where life takes him and his music reflects it. His style, a unique blend of folk and pop/rock, has developed and evolved over the years through various influences. “Even though my first memories of a musical nature are predominantly jazz and blues, I really didn’t have an interest in anything other than punk rock until I was about 20 years old,” Dominguez said. His previous music endeavors reflect this statement; Dominguez fronted the pop/punk band, Take Me Instead, for several years, playing with the likes of The Story So Far, Shoreline Drive, and Dylan Jakobson, before disbanding 2012 and launching into an era of self-discovery. The band’s breakup was bittersweet, Dominguez said. As a solo artist, he is now able to express himself with more freedom.
‘I just decided to keep writing and see where it took me.’
Isaiah made the move to Seattle from the small town of Bellingham, which exposed him to a variety of different influences and styles. The result has been a completely reinvented sound. While a lot of his music still pays homage to his old pop/punk style, the chorus-verse-chorus-bridge format is gone, replaced with a maturity that has developed with age and practice. ‘I am in love with music, I just hope that when someone listens to me they can hear that’.