Island Hopper Acrobat 20 Foot Water Trampoline 2016

A day with the kids on the lake with a water trampoline is like dining on steaks instead of hamburgers. Sure you can go to the beach and have fun and you probably can make one heck of a hamburger. The Acrobat takes that level of enjoyment in the water to the next step. Aqua Sports Technology developed the best-selling Island Hopper Acrobat in 1998 and has sold thousands since. This is a favorite of camps, resorts, and lake home consumers because it was built to withstand years of hard use. Not only is the Acrobat made to be durable, but it was made so you can use your creativity to further turn it into a waterpark! Some of the available attachments are the Aqua Sports Bounce N Slide and Island Runner Water Log. ***Bounce N Slide water slide and Island Runner are sold separately. [+]