Island Hopper Classic 15 Foot Water Trampoline 2016 | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

Sometimes there is nothing more fun to do in the water for children than bouncing on a water trampoline. Sometimes there is nothing more fun for the grown-ups either! Aqua Sports Technology has been creating some of the best water trampolines in the industry. In this sense, the Island Hopper Classic has truly become the classic size for the recreational lake home user. This model is large enough to hold several kids and is built with the same heavy frame features that are available in the larger sizes and will withstand years of hard use. On top of being built with some of the highest quality materials, the Classic can also have additional attachments connected to create a waterpark! Some examples are the Aqua Sports Bounce N Slide water slide and the Island Runner. The kids will be doing backflips for one of these! Literally! ***Bounce N Slide water slide & Island Runner are sold separately. [+]