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Island Hopper Giant Jump 25 Foot Water Trampoline 2016

No day on the water can be complete or as satisfying without the Giant Jump Water Trampoline. Kids never get tired of bouncing around with glee and you'll never get tired of watching them. But who's to say that grownups can't try a backflip or two? Aqua Sports Technology has been a leader in quality, innovation, and pledge to continue to bring these attributes to the water sports industry for years to come. They designed and built the Island Hopper Giant Jump water trampoline using the highest quality materials and features available. This trampoline is the choice of hundreds of camps and resorts worldwide. Aqua Sports Technology can stand behind this quality claim with their great customer service and warranty in the industry. And don't forget that the Giant Jump has a variety of optional attachments that you can add on to create your own unique waterpark! [+]