Island Hopper The Red Shark Banana Boat 10 Passenger Side-By-Side Towable Tube 2016 | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

What's better than riding on top of one of nature's most widely known predators? Riding side-by-side next to another! The Island Hopper Red Shark Banana Boat Towable Tube provides the perfect combination of durability, unique design, and comfortable family fun. This tube was manufactured exclusively by Aqua Sports Technology and is made from dense, puncture resistant, 1100 denier commercial boat materials. This boat is ideal for families, commercial beach operations, camps or any serious recreational user who wants products that last. The side-by-side design has become classic favorites for people who like plenty of room to move and a stable ride even in the rough ocean surf. The Red Shark is made with bonded overlapping seams and is double reinforced in the areas of high stress and hard use. [+]