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Island Hopper Turtle Hop 11 Foot Bounce Platform 2016

Bouncer in a half shell! When was the last time your kids went turtle hunting? Better question -When was the last time you went turtle hunting? Occasionally somehow you would end up finding that snapper and dad or mom would have to warn you about missing piggies or digits. Well the lovable Turtle Hop only can provide hours of summer fun! The Island Hopper Turtle Hop sets up in minutes and is easy to transport. Constructed of sturdy 42 gauge PVC material with electronically welded seams, the graphically enhanced, independently chambered head, arms and feet will provide a wider and more stable platform, and will add to your kids' swimming enjoyment. The built-in, spring-less polypropylene bouncer surface is a perfect soft platform for adult lounging and the kids will enjoy hopping (less than spring assisted jumping) into the water. The Island Hopper Turtle Hop comes as a complete set and requires no assembly...just blow it up and start hopping! [+]