J Lohr Merlot

"The 2001 release of Los Osos Merlot marks our fifth vintage from plantings of primarily French Merlot clones #181 and #314. Unlike our softer, less tannic Cabernet Sauvignon, where fermentation beyond dryness (or extended maceration) can be desirable, we have learned that twice daily tasting from the mid-point of fermentation to near dryness is critical to ensure that we press just prior to the buildup of gripping tannins, producing concentrated, yet supple Merlot. The Merlot was grown on Nacimiento-Los Osos Complex, Arbuckle-San Ysidro and Arbuckle-Positas Complex soils of our estate in Paso Robles. They are well drained but relatively poor soils with chalky or gravelly components" Website [+]