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Jackson Kayak Big Tuna Fishing Kayak

Whether heading out solo or making a day with a pal, the Jackson Kayaks Big Tuna Fishing Kayak is great for spending some time out on the water catching the evening's meal. What's cool about the Big Tuna is the way the seating system is designed. You don't have to spend the day talking over your shoulder or talking to someone's back. A feature called FaceTime allows you to face your boat mate so you can chat with ease and hand off bait, tackle and other items with ease. You'll also have an adjustable and removable lumbar support for each seat so you can get in the most comfortable position. There are two hatches, some deck rigging and a center bait tank gives you plenty of storage space. A Tuna Tank in the center is a unique bait/live well that uses the water from beneath the boat to help circulate in the tank without plumbing or electricity. It's also a great place for ice to keep your fish fresh or even your drink cold. The stable design makes the big pulls easier to handle. Paddle around and find that great spot for laying some line or cruise around the lake a bit with a friend of family member. Either way, the Jackson Big Tuna Fishing Kayak has the amenities you want when you're spending the day on the water. [+]