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Jah Harvest

Jah Harvest is something new to the Reggae scene, started by Wyatt Sage(Guitar/Vox) and Jeremy Jones(Bass) in Feb. of 2010.Shortly there after Jah Harvest completed their rythm section with Zach Foust(Drums), then in Nov. 2010 started their horn section with David Terry(Trumpet). Made up from this group of musicians with a wide variety of styles ranging in anything from the expected Reggae infulences like the Marley's, SOJA, Sizzla Kalonji, Dennis Brown, Tribal Seeds, all the way to artist and generes you would never think of such as Travis Baker, A7X, Atreyu, Zion I, K'naan, and the list goes on and on. It's not hard to see why Jah Harvest doesn't quite have that traditional Reggae sound. When Frontman Wyatt Sage was asked about where Jah Harvest gets there sound from, this is what he had to say, "We arn't trying to sound like classic Roots Reggae, thats not who we are so why try and act like it is. That classic Roots Reggae sound came from what those artist were feeling back then and where they where from, our sound comes from the same feeling but we are from different parts of the world so our spin on the sound just happens to be a little more Rock than Reggae even though the messege is still there just a strong. The messege is what matters" The "messege" that Sage is spreading is a messege of progress and betterment for your community through self assumption. This messege is clearly heard in Songs like "Choices" and "Slogans". Since 2010 Jah Harvest has been working at a feverish pace. In the 2 years since the band has started they have written and released thier first EP titled Jah Harvest, available on a number of online retailers such as Itunes and Amazon MP3, they also have quickly built a loyal fan base as well as an impressive/busy schedule of shows at venues ranging anywhere from the local bar that holds 50 people all the way up the the House of Blues main stage that holds 2,200 people. In the years to come Jah Harvest is determined to continue to spread a positive messege through the power of a positive music. This Reggae movement is bigger than music and much much bigger than Jah Harvest, we will see you soon. [+]