James A. Cox

For more than 20 years, Jim Cox has successfully resolved his clients' most challenging and difficult matters in litigation and arbitration, including international dispute, class actions, cases in "tough" jurisdictions, disputes involving corporate acquisitions, and complex technology-related disputes. Jim's approach is strategic. He does not simply "manage" or "handle" cases; he develops strategies to win them. Most cases settle, but the best way to achieve a good settlement is to have a strategy to win at trial or arbitration.

Jim and a Jones Day team recently secured a judgment of $57.5 million, following a three-week arbitral proceeding, for claims relating to the acquisition of a business. Jim was also recently called in to take over the defense of a nationwide class action on behalf of a major computer services provider facing hundreds of millions of dollars in potential claims. The case settled favorably just before the class certification hearing. Jim has represented clients in dozens of matters in state and federal courts around the country involving claims based on fraud, conspiracy, breach of contract, RICO, antitrust, and other theories. Jim also has significant experience with international legal disputes and has represented clients in matters pending before the ICC and other leading international arbitral institutions. [1]