James Bond Collection - 10 Books (Shrinkwrapped) (book)

Plot Summary:

For sheer excitement, Ian Fleming's classic spy thrillers have still not been surpassed. In his unforgettable fiction, Fleming created some of the world's greatest villains - Dr. No, a megalomaniac with a sadistic fascination with pain... Mr. Big, gold thief and Lord of the 'Black Widow' voodoo cult... not to mention Goldfinger's henchman Oddjob - the bowler-hatted thug with a black belt in karate. Outrageously entertaining, irresistably readable and brilliantly contrived, these masterpieces of modern writing contain all you could possibly ask for - deadly games of double and triple-crossings, near-impossible missions set in glamorous locations, and a sensational cast of exotic women and sadistic hitmen. Relive your favourite moments without the Hollywood hype and discover for yourself why 007 continues to leave his rivals one step behind him... [1]