Jasarat (Urdu: روزنامہ جسارت‎) is an Urdu Daily newspaper in Pakistan. It is circulated all over Pakistan with offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.


The newspaper has been published in Karachi since 1970.[2] The newspaper reflects views of Jamat-e-Islami, a religious political party in Pakistan. Jasarat is the first online newspaper in the Urdu language.


Jasarat has two magazines:

  • Sunday Magazine
  • Weekly Friday Special

Notable personalities

Chief Editor

  • Athar Hashmi

Writers and editors

  • Shahnawaz Farooqui
  • Muzaffar Ejaz
  • Ahmed Tamjid Aijazi
  • Abdul Latif Abu Shamil
  • Yahya Bin Zakariya
  • Arif Bahar
  • Nasir Hussaini
  • Dr.Syed Mehboob


  • Muneer Aqeel Ansari
  • Wajid Ansari
  • Hammad Hussain
  • Syed Nabeel Akhter