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Jaye Cane / Artist/ Ground co Music Group

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jaye grew up in some of the most extreme situations ever; having lost his mother, having a father on crack and being raised in foster homes and being homeless, Jaye Canes pains became his catalyst to survive. Jaye fell in love with Hip Hop at an early age and his interest helped shape and mold the energetic, and driven artist he is known to be today. “I was very young when I had the thought... but it was only poetry then... at an early age I transformed my poetry into songs but never got in the recording studio until later. The life I lead was harsh and the houses were always unstable, so the fact i can write words and feel better, became my way of releasing and expressing.” Jaye Cane’s harsh life being his driving force for inspiration he began to write and record. “Its life’s hardships and joyous moments that inspire me to write,” Jaye says. In his music you’ll find the true man behind the music, his deepest thoughts, passions, struggles, and accomplishments. “You can't learn what I know from books. I'm thankful for them all. I’m able to take my past and produce wisdom and inspiration to the youth. I got a million lives to save. My life and journey is what makes me special,” Jaye Cane states. Having the humanitarian heart that Jaye has makes his audiences appreciate's his music and makes him relatable to his audience. He is “real.” Jaye speaks the truth with a mainstream appeal, a style of music that grabs listeners as radio worthy. “I say soul-tapping words. I'm a scientist. I take the worlds pain in and give them back a cure.” Jaye’s words speaks bounds like Tupac, having the capabilities to effect the people who listen with their heart; He has the appeal of Ludacris, who has a charisma that can be excepted by all ethnic backgrounds and the writing capabilities of Eminem, writing in not only his own genre of Hip Hop but he writes songs for pop artist as well as R&B. Along with his own unique flare Jaye Cane is sure to deliver. A few of Jaye’s musical influences consist of Jay-Z, Nickel back, Brian Mc Knight, Creed, Whitney Houston and Rico Love. Although he has noted these influential people as having an impact on him as an artist and the music that he creates, Jaye says he would he be honored to do collaboration with “EVERYONE”, they all have a piece that I have in me, that's what pushes me to be a part of this musical circle. It's like a long lost family; hopefully I will get the chance to meet them.” Jaye Cane is not only a talented artist but he has a genuine spirit and there is a certainty that his message will be felt. Jaye only hopes that his audience gets his message; he says, “I hope that they too can turn their lives around and come out on top no matter what the situation. “I want the youth to use my words as blue prints for the tunnel of a reckless life or for learning how to love and let love. If it’s something you want GO FOR IT with passion and faith. As an artist I can only hope they will see my way of thinking. I want them to say I changed a few lives and helped them see a way out of things that may have seemed like death was the only option.” As Jaye Cane’s fan base grows, Jaye Cane cannot deny being in support of the well-being of all people. Jaye says, “I would sit and watch all the charity commercials and they use to make me Pain (ha-ha) i wanted to cry, so I would write down all the information and say that one day when I have a lot of money I will save all the poor sick and homeless people... I just can't help it. The Haiti situation, it hurts me so much that I can't save everyone in Haiti.” Jaye Cane has a bright future ahead of him, with mix tapes, EP, songs placements, writing songs for major artist & on tour with major record companies. Jaye Cane is undeniably Next to Major!! [+]