Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.

Also known as BigBrudda, this web star is famous as the sibling and web content co-creator of "Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games" creator and YouTube phenomenon Jesse Ridgway (a.k.a. McJuggerNuggets). In April of 2015, BigBrudda created his own YouTube channel, which accumulated 145,000 subscribers in just three days. While rising to online fame, he held a job as an accountant. The uploads on his BigBrudda channel include "Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair: Second Angle" and "WANT MORE PSYCHO FOOTAGE!?" He, his brother Jesse, and their "psycho" father, Jeffrey Ridgway, Sr., are based in southern New Jersey. The other inhabitants of the famous Ridgway Residence include Mrs. Ridgway, "Poopy John," and Ella "Boobs." His brother Jesse Ridgway's popular McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel had over 875,000 subscribers by early 2015. [+]