Jenteal (born June 26, 1976) is the stage name of a former American pornographic actress.

She had a brief appearance in the Jon Favreau/Vince Vaughn movie Made where she played the role of an erotic dancer and was credited under the name Reanna Rossi.[2] Jenteal also appeared in an episode of the TV comedy program The Man Show, and two episodes of Playboy TV's The Helmetcam Show.[2] She has at some time been a contract performer with Vivid Entertainment.[3] She is of Czech, Irish, Italian and Native American descent.[4]


She formed a corporation and registered her stage name "Jenteal" as a trademark in 1999.[5][6] However, her corporation folded in 2002. two years after her adult career ended. Jenteal claims this was due to "marriage and kids" taking "precedence".[7] She appeared in the episode Millennium (Season 1, Episode 19) of The Man Show in 1999.[8] In 2001, she starred as "Wendy" in Jon Favreau's Made in her first mainstream role.[5]

In November 2015, after a more than 15 year long hiatus from the adult industry, Jenteal launched a Twitter page announcing she had "stepped out of hiding", making a "fastidious" return.[9] She claims she was "tame" on film, having never performed in any interracial scenes nor taken any "facials".[10]