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Jeremy Eye

Jeremy Eye is a post-rock artist based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His currently promoting his debut EP "Chaos Is Beautiful."

Jeremy released his first music video in February of 2011 for the track "Skyline," in which he asked various strangers to express what they would say to the entire world if they were given the opportunity. The entire video was produced entirely by Eye, being shot with a video camera borrowed from a friend, and a budget allowing expending on nothing more than travel costs.

His music video is not the only aspect of Jeremy Eye's work that he has taken into his own hands. He produced debut album in his Central Pennsylvania home in a makeshift studio that he made.

"This may be a cliche statement, but it's really a primarily do-it-yourself industry anymore," explains Eye regarding his approach.

Shaped by the sounds of Sigur Ros, Damien Rice, and Snow Patrol, Jeremy Eye is set to take the independent music circuit by storm this fall with his acoustic tour. From the almost haunting melodies in his music, to a powerful live performance, Jeremy Eye's music is an experience that can't soon be forgotten. [+]