Jerry Jao

Jerry Jao is the Founder and CEO of Retention Science.[7]


Early Life

Jerry Jao was born and raised in Taiwan.[13]  At the age of 14, he moved to America by himself and found a legal guardian in Los Angeles through classified newspaper ads.[13]  He learned English through watching hours of Dawson's Creek.[13]  Jao was valedictorian of his high school and earned a full-tuition alumni scholarship from  UC Berkeley; he graduated in 3 years. Jao went on to attend the Yale School of Management.[7]



Jao worked for Morgan StanleyKPMG, and Clear Channel Communications before starting his first company.[7]  In 2012, he launched Retention Science, a technology platform that lets retailers harness data about their customers and develops strategies to keep them coming back.[16]  In 2014, the company raised $7 million in Series A funding.[16]


Jao was named an "Innovation Agent" by Fast Company, "40 Under 40 Exceptional Marketer" by Direct Marketing News, and "Hot Shot Entrepreneur" by Business Journal.[7]  He is a contributing writer for EntrepreneurForbes, and Practical Ecommerce and has appeared on CNBCFox LA, Clear Channel's Tech Talk, etc.[7]