Jesse Roussell

Jesse Roussell is an acoustic solo-artist that was born in New Hampshire, USA in 1987. Growing up into the grunge and alternative-rock scene in the mid-late '90s Jesse's main influence in music were bands like Nirvana, Bush, The Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, and Alice in Chains. Drums was the instrument of choice at first, but then the guitar was introduced to him by his brother at age 12. Learning what little he could while his brother was not around seeing as it was forbidden to touch his guitar. Jesse learned to play guitar all on his own never having any lessons. Only the 1-3 quick tips from his older brother. Also, coming from a musical family background made it easier to learn, have a good ear for music, and helped his ability to understand theory and songwriting. "I don't like learning or playing others' music because it takes away from originality."
--------A singer-songwriter with many skills & techniques of his own. It wasn't until a decade after he was introduced to guitar that he came across a rare, difficult, and technical approach to the guitar known as "Fingerstyle" acoustic. Artists like Andy Mckee. While inspired by his and the work of pioneers like Don Ross, Antione Dufour, Michael Hedges, and Eric Mongrain, Jesse blends contemporary fingerstyle techniques and strong compositional skills to create his own sound. Dallas Green, Kenneth Vasoli, Andrew Mcmahon, and Anthony Green are also big influences on Jesse's songwriting; mainly Kurt Cobain.
------- "Always writing and improving on my sound. I am a perfectionist when it comes to music or anything. Playing a new song 100x until I get it down right and it sinks in. Writing music comes natural to me and takes me no time to whip a song up. I use my experiences, hardships, and techniques I've learned from others and incorporate it into my own music." [+]
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