Joseph Drouhin Pommard 2013

In the world of wine, Pommard hardly needs an introduction. From time immemorial, Pommard has been the site of famous vineyards. Around the year 1 000, the whole side facing South-East was covered with vines. According to tradition, it already produced a wine reputed for its depth of colour and its ability to travel far and wide. To-day, Pommard is one of the largest villages in Burgundy. The village is on a slope, in the middle of a group of vineyards facing East or South-East. The soil, a mixture of red clay and limestone, is responsible for the wine`s original qualities : good colour, intense bouquet and firm structure. Pommard can only be a red wine, produced from the Pinot Noir grape. To insure low yields, the vines are pruned very short, in the "Guyot" style. The grapes are picked by hand and put in small crates to avoid damage during transportation to the winery. The fermentation occurs in open wooden or stainless steel fermenters. The total maceration generally lasts 15 to 18 days. The wine is kept in barrels for 18 months before bottling. According to the vintage, it is sometimes better to wait at least two years before drinking the wine. [+]