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Joshua Jarman

Tie-Winner of 2014 Charleston Acoustic Guitar Throwdown Competition
Product Endorsement by: Nicola Brand String Company

Born and raised in Ridgeville, SC, I found music at a young age and really used it as a crutch for emotional growth. What a crutch!
In my playing history, I have been in a southern rock band, a scream-rock band, a grind-core metal band, and somehow, now, I am an acoustic songwriter. Funny how things work out.
I have playing style unique to my area. I have a few percussive playing qualities that I use on the guitar, and my rhythmic vocal writings really show off a hip-hop influence.
I am accustomed to house shows, bars, venues, outdoor events and even weddings, so my itinerary is neither bleak, nor fully grown. I am looking forward to the opportunities to perform at new and exciting places, in new and exciting formats!