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Judah McQueen

Electro-Spookhouse disco-grunge pop hip-hop artist Judah Mcqueen defies a true classification by channeling a diverse range of vocals and samples through his own mystic viewpoint. His debut album, POPULENCE (Available Now for FREE download.), was made on a budget that makes a shoestring look like a recording deal. POPULENCE continues to sell over a year after it's independent release on bandcamp.

With a new album, BA$I$M, on the horizon, Judah Mcqueen brings an entirely new take on his one of a kind sound. A logical progression to the personal project that POPULENCE was, BA$I$M is fueled by a supernatural need to fill the dance floor. With hard-hitting tracks like DO YOU [HYFEE PT. 2], BAD BITCH feat. JACK SHIT, and WANT SEX, JUDAH MCQUEEN is set to blow speakers and tear up the clubs.

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Judah McQueen
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