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Justin Parker

Justin Parker is finding it increasingly more difficult to not only define the genre of music that he belongs to, but also his personality as a human being. When he isn't cranking the volume of his personality well past eleven as Justin Mustard in The World's Loudest Condiment and Utica, New York's only two-headed punk outfit The Mustard Band, he is still breathing music at all times of the day. Driven by a desire to gain the ever-elusive peace of mind we all crave, Justin has written songs for as long as he can remember, although it wasn't until his teenage years that he quit being lazy and attempted to learn the guitar. Eventually, he was able to string together enough chords that he could lace them with lyrics of love, loss, and the questions we face as people almost daily. Heavily influenced by emotionally charged singer/songwriters ranging from Jim Croce to Connor Oberst, Justin Parker makes music for the same reason that most people do: it makes him feel good.

After years of practice as well as trial and error, Justin Parker has recently recorded and released his first full-length musical endeavor, titled "Patiently Anxious." The album, which is currently on sale at several locations throughout the area (as well as through this particular social networking device), has received positive reviews thus far from friends and strangers alike. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an ever increasing itch to share the music he has created, Justin's next goal is simple...to play. [+]