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K2 Indy Kids Skis

The K2 Indy is a great ski for your new little skier to get started with. A Cap Construction and Composite Core are very soft, forgiving, and easy for the smaller lighter weight skier to be able to bend and flex the ski. Having a soft ski that is easy to bend is very beneficial for a newer skier to grow and develop. Catch Free Rocker has rocker in the tip that will enable them to push out a snowplow with less effort, or initiate a turn easier if they can link parallel turns. Camber underfoot will give them stability when the ski is engaged in a turn. A small amount of rocker in the tail releases the ski from turns easier, and will allow them to skid a turn with less effort. K2's Noodle Technology has a thinner construction under the binding mounting platform that allows the shorter skis flex naturally. When you have a new skier that will be hooked as soon as they get on the snow, the K2 Indy is the ski for them. [+]