The K2 Konic 75 and Dalbello Jakk ski package gives you a ski that will be easy to learn with, and a boot that skis very strong. The Jakk is made with Dalbello's Center Balance Stance and Contour 4 Shell that allows your body to fatigue less, and grant you more control over modern skis with rocker and sidecut. The Konic 75 has the new Konic Technology that pulls material away from the center of the ski towards the edges that makes the ski easier to maneuver. K2's Catch Free Rocker allows you to skid and slide turns, or if you are carving will give you fast and easy entry into turns, and easy exit from turns. A Cap Construction, and Composite Core makes the Konic 75 very forgiving, and will not require very much skill or technique to make the ski react when and how it should. If you want a package that will be easy to learn with and help you improve quickly, the K2 Konic 75, and Dalbello Jakk makes a great ski package for you. [+]