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K2 Konic 75 Skis with Marker M2 10 Bindings 2016

The Konic 75 from K2 is designed to be a perfect ski for the true beginner that wants a ski that will allow them to improve quickly. The Catch Free Rocker has rocker in the tips and tails with camber underfoot that will allow you to skid turns very easily, and if you are still snowplowing it will require less effort for you to push out that wedge. The new Konic Technology redistributes weight away from the center of the ski, and moves it out to the perimeter to give the ski strength, stability and power directly over the edges for better edge grip, and a lower swingweight for more maneuverability. The Composite Core and Cap Construction make the Konic 75 very forgiving and easy to control for true beginners. If you are looking for a perfect entry level ski that will allow you to develop skills faster, the K2 Konic would be a great ski for you to step into. [+]