The Luv 75 from K2 is designed to be a ski for the true beginner, or to be a transition ski for the young lady who is ready for her first set of adult skis. The Luv 75 is made with a composite core that is very easy for the beginner skier to bend and flex to have more control over their skis without needing too much skill or technique. K2's Catch Free Rocker has rocker in the tips and tails, with camber underfoot that makes it much easier for you to push out a snowplow, or skid turns as you develop as a skier. The Tips and Tails have been rounded off for smoother and easier turns, without that hooky or grabby feeling. The Luv 75 has a Cap Construction that is very forgiving, and easy to ski on. If you are ready to find that ski that will allow you to learn quickly on, to start progressing into some blue squares, you will love the K2 Luv 75. [+]