K2 Potion 80 XTi, and Lange RX 80 W Womens Ski Package

The K2 Potion 80 XTi and Lange RX 80 is a great ski package for strong skiing women looking for a boot that has a medium to narrow fit, and a ski that carves perfect short to medium radius turns. The Lange RX 80 has a Control Fit Liner that is packed with Thinsulate Insulation that will keep you warm and comfortable. The RX 80 is made with a Natural Stance that is more upright to give you more control and less fatigue while skiing on skis with modern sidecuts and rocker. The Potion 80 XTi has K2's BioFlex 3 Core that is made with three different types of wood that will give you control and power without being too demanding or aggressive, so you will not fatigue too quickly. K2's Hybritech Sidewalls make the ski highly maneuverable with a strong edge grip. If you want clean and smooth carves on the frontside of the mountain, the Potion 80 XTi and Lange RX 80 will be a great match for you! [+]