K2 Potion 84 XTi, and Tecnica Mach 1 95 W Womens Ski Package

The K2 Potion 84 XTi and Tecnica Mach 1 95 W is a ripping ski package for advanced to experts skiers looking for power and control on the frontside of the mountain. The Tecnica Mach 1 95 W is made with the C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) liner that is heat moldable, grind able, and punch able, to give you an easy dialed in fit. The Mach 1 also has Tecnica's i-Rebound Construction that has four metal on metal connection points that deliver a high amount of rebound, forward flex resistance, and increased power to your skis. The K2 Potion 84 XTi will be very stable and high speeds and has the ability to bust through crud or variable snow that shows up on the groomers after it has been snowing for a little while. All Terrain Rocker and a Metal Laminate in the core will make this ski highly responsive and powerful. If you want a ski boot and ski that pack a powerful punch for ripping through the bumps and groomers, the K2 Potion 84 and Tecnica Mach 1 95 will have you skiing faster and stronger than ever before. [+]