KALO is a non-commercial, independent Religious broadcasting television station serving Honolulu, Hawaii. The One Love Outreach, Inc. station operates at digital channel 38. They can also be seen over most of the state on Oceanic Cable channel 25, with the exception of Hawai'i Island (the "Big Island"), where KALO is not available at all.


KALO, which signed on the air July 9, 1999, is one of six stations in Honolulu that air religious programming, KWHE, KAAH-TV, KWBN, KKAI and KUPU are the other 5. KALO's allocation channel, like that of KWBN and PBS outlet KHET, is reserved for non-commercial educational use, and as such, depend on viewer donations for support.

Digital television

On January 15, 2009 KALO became channel 38 digital when the digital transition was completed. It is also the same virtual channel on PSIP.