KASTLE LX 82 Skis with K 12 CTI Pro Bindings

The Kastle LX 82 makes a great ski for the advanced to expert skier who is looking for a smooth on trail carver. Made with a single radius the LX 82 makes very controlled and precise turns on the frontside. The Hollowtech Tip has become Kastle's trademark. It enables you to have a lower swingweight, and a highly maneuverable ski. The LX 82 has traditional camber to provide you with stability, rebound and a firm edge on the snow. The Fast Grip Shovel rolls the LX 82 into turns very quickly, and the Hook Free Tail releases the ski out of turns effortlessly. If you want a ski that will be easy to carve, perform very well at all speeds and turn shapes, and make you look like a better skier, the Kastle LX 82 is the one to get. Grab one while you can, if you can catch it! [+]