Kazha is a rock band founded in 2009 by a singer/songwriter Kazuha Oda and a guitarist Hideki Matsushige, categolkized in Hard Rock and sometimes in Heavy Metal.[2][3]

Band biography

The band’s name is taken from the vocalist Kazuha Oda's first name.[4] The band was founded in Los Angeles California but debut in Japan with the release of their first EP Breathe Through Your Dreams in September 2009. With the release of the first album Overture in 2010, Kazha made their USA debut performing at Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco California and has been touring around the world; Korea, Europe, Mexico and U.S.A., appearing at various Anime conventions and Festivals including Sac-Anime,[5] Nan Desu Kan,[6][7] Phoenix Comicon,[8] and Saboten Con[9] as their musical guest.


  • Kazuha Oda/Vocals, Bass Guitar
  • Hideki Matsushige/Guitar
  • Motoki Kajisaki/Drums


  • Evolution (2013)[10]
  • I Still Remember -Single version- (2010)[2]
  • Overture (2010)[2]
  • Breathe Through Your Dreams (2009)[2]