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Kerri lick was born in Temple, Texas and raised all over the lone star state. When asking Kerri about her past and childhood she describes a young girl overtaken with shyness a child who hid behind her mother’s leg anytime someone wanted to meet her and never dared to stand out in a crowd or even sing to her own mother. I asked her why she felt this way and how did she overcome such a hurdle for any aspiring performer.
“I was raised in a broken family that my mother continually tried to mend and it seemed like I never belonged. Don’t get me wrong I have a wonderful Mom who loves me with every part of her but she worked hard to support us and wasn’t able to be around as much as she wanted. I never met my father and the first man I ever knew to be my father had drug addictions an alcohol dependencies. He was loving and had the biggest heart out there but made horrible choices, plus when you’re seven and you find out your dad is not really your dad that gives you a feeling of abandonment that’s hard to describe. My mother remarried when I was 8, he was nice enough and my Mom loved him but a lot of resentment was instilled into my sister and I from my moms first husband. Pretty much we were trained to hate him and in turn I believe he resented us too. So once again I didn’t belong nor wanted to and was surely never treated like the shining star I wanted to be one day. I lived at home till I was sixteen and with just a trash bag of clothes, a guitar, and young love to get me through I enrolled to Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas and decided I wanted to be seen. I involved my self in cheerleading, student government, athletics and musical theater. I finally got ballsy enough to start playing for my friends at parties and with some major guts I started performing at the local taverns in Alpine, which consist of about four. (Talk about the big city) My young heart wasn’t satisfied with little ol' Alpine though and I packed up and left Alpine and my first love behind. I moved to Stephenville Texas where I was surrounded by talent every place I looked. With the help of many friends and an awesome radio DJ in town (you rock Jody Lee..KWBY radio ) I was finally on the way to making music like I wanted to. Of course life likes to throw curveballs. I met my second and remaining love, Raymond, there in Stephenville and somehow he got me to pack up, leave all my hard work behind to move to California and grow medicinal plants. ( It’s hard not to laugh about that ). I never gave up the dream though. I continued to play all over the coast and northern California. We spent a year doing the farmer gig and decided to move to Tucson, Arizona, Raymond’s home town. Raymond loved me and my music so much and wanted to see me succeed that he decided to put some effort in playing an instrument (plus when you’re in love with a musician it kind of comes with the territory). After trying his hand on a few stringed instruments we finally found his forte, percussion. And since then he’s been accompanying me all over the state of Arizona beating on various boxes, washboards and whatever else he can get his hands on.
So to answer your question, it took believing that I could belong to something that something being music. Through the music I’ve been able to share my love, my despair, my happiness, and the complete confusion life sometimes hands us with whoever connects with me. I hope that people hear my words and feelings through my music and have a sense of comfort and belonging in their own lives or perhaps just that moment where a person thinks to them selves “I needed to hear that song.”
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