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Is an American based Executive Producer and Actor SAG/AFTRA mixed with European, a little Native American Indian and a touch of Latin descent.


Kevon Stover is known for his role as Zane, in the sci-fi/action thriller, Beta Test (2015-2016). It stars Manu Bennett (The Hobbit, Arrow, Spartacus, The Shannara Chronicles), Larenz Tate (House of Lies, Menace II Society, Dead Presidents, and Crash, Game of Silence) and Linden Ashby (Teen Wolf, Melrose Place, Mortal Kombat, Wyatt Earp, , as well as, Last Vegas (2013), Time Warrior ( 2012) Sanctioned to Die (2011), and Entourage. [5]


BETA TEST will be released in select theaters across the US via AMC on July 22, 2016. Filmed in Seattle, WA., The movie stars; Manu Bennett, Larenz Tate, and Linden Ashby. Alongside Arrow and alum Manu Bennett, are Larenz Tate, who has appeared in groundbreaking films such as, Menace II Society, Dead Presidents, and Crash, Linden Ashby, Teen Wolf, Mortal Kombat, Wyatt Earp, Yuji Okumoto, Karate Kid Part II, Inception, The Game, and introducing Kevon Stover, as Zane.


Upcoming Worldwide Release of BETA TEST-the movie:


Manu Bennet and Kevon Stover-Rehearsals for Upcoming Movie, BETA TEST:


In addition, Kevon has always been very active in many investments here in the U.S. and abroad and has also been moving behind the camera as an executive producer as well of performing other positions of productions behind the scenes. He has also has owned and managed real estate and investment properties for many years.


Kevon also has many years of experience as a touring (and studio) singer, drummer and guitarist. He started off as a drummer and studied many genres and styles, touring and recording, predominantly in rock acts that were very high energy. Kevon then moved out front playing guitar and fronting as a lead singer with his brother Brian Stover, who not only assistant engineered on many well known artists albums, such as Boyz 2 Men, Patty LaBelle, Cinderella, etc. but worked many times with rock legend Andy Johns. All of this would add even more inspiration to the brothers lofty expectations . Unfortunately, with changing music styles and legal entanglements, it was not to be. Many of Kevon's friends and colleagues are known worldwide in all of these areas.


Kevon has also been a promoter of live shows and also a personal VIP book tours for well known celebrity's book tours to TV and Radio through Simon and Schuster ...