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Kid Architect

In a world driven by routine, Kid Architect guarantees to energize worn-out musical repertoires. This frenetic foursome from Washington D.C. provides a refreshing musical outlet, especially to those looking for something out of the ordinary. Since 2008, the boys from Kid Architect have been cultivating their own unique brand of experimental rock. Driven by heavy piano and ethereal guitars, Kid Architect delivers an explosive, clean, and undeniably catchy sound. Fronted by singer and keyboardist Thom Bridgwood, the band continues to propel their reputation up and down the east coast with powerful performances and a clear passion for life and music.

The Great Pretend, Kid Architect's first full length album, was released in December 2010. The album is a concept album that focuses on the themes of struggling to find truth, clinging to ones beliefs, and finding meaning in a modern age when everything seems to be generally accepted and unquestioned. "The Great Pretend" harps on religious themes, relationship struggles, and a variety of other topics layered on a musical canvas that continuously keep the listener both intrigued and engaged. The 16-track journey stays true to the Kid Architect sound, driven by heavy pianos, swirling guitar textures, complex rhythmic elements, and a lead singer who is both infectious and clever in his vocal deliveries. "The Great Pretend" is an album that pushes musical boundaries while delivering meaningful and heartfelt messages to any and all of its listeners. [+]