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Music chose me. A small town guitar playing kid from PA who has evolved into an indie singer/songwriting recording artist that now resides in NYC. From performing countless gigs with various bands to many studio sessions on both sides of the board, experience has been a great teacher.
My music is personal, an attempt to be thought provoking and hopefully entertaining. It's a tribute to life, to those that did it before me and do it now, and to anyone that loves music. I cannot say I sound like anyone else. That is subjective and for the listener to decide. I would say that I'm an amalgam of my influences like most musicians. Sinatra, Zappa, Iron Maiden, Shawn Colvin, Les Paul, The Grateful Dead, The Temptations, Willie Nelson, Rage, Miles Davis, Bruce Hornsby, The Misfits, Prince, Steely Dan, and Public Enemy sounded like no one but themselves. I'm not in any way comparing myself to those greats, only that like them, I'm trying to do my own thing and carve out my own little place in the world.
There is no escaping music. Music is my escape. It is therapy. It is balance. It is comfort, a joy, and a companion on the path to harmony with the soul. Like any art form, being able to create something that not only brings yourself happiness, but makes an emotional connection with others is a powerful opportunity to enrich humanity.
At times a musicians life is a difficult reality to deal with, but a very satisfying challenge and honor that I humbly accept. So I make this journey across soundscapes and musical genres, traveling with instruments and voices as my tools. Rhythm, melody, and stories are my vessels on this amazing adventure. That's why I'm here. [+]