Klimchak specializes in electro-acoustic music for theater, dance and live solo performance. He is the winner of the 2009 Loridans Arts Award, a $15,000 cash prize given to "accomplished artists who have made exceptional contributions to the arts life of Atlanta."or as often called, “Atlanta's MacArthur Genius Award.” Klimchak's 2009 score for Titus Andronicus at Ga Shakespeare won a Suzi Award for best sound design.

His homebuilt instruments & performances were displayed in 2010 in the art show Limitless at Agnes Scott College. In January 2011, Klimchak was given a grant by Idea Capital to design & make some new percussion instruments & compose music for them. These will be performed in 2011-2012 by a group of 4 musicians as flash percussion performances, in a series titled Klimchak's Lebeato Lounge. As a solo performer,

Klimchak gives shows in clubs and alternative spaces, which feature his talents on the amazing Don Buchla Marimba Lumina. With the Marimba Lumina Klimchak is able to perform live music that would normally take at least 4 musicians. His multi-instrumental compositions are played with 4 separate mallets, six foot pedals and a breath controller. As added touches, his sets usually include 4 or 5 small percussion instruments, ethnic wind instruments, and some chanting or tuvan throat singing. And on a good evening he'll also add in some theremin to the mix. [+]